Changing Times

After 24 years of trading, AD Computing’s owner, Bill Adie, has decided to retire. The business will continue to operate and serve in the Gloucestershire and South Worcestershire areas, but we will now be dealing solely with the commercial and education market rather than retail and repairs.

AD Computing from the 1st of December 2016 will be owned and operated by Solutions4IT Ltd, who will continue to support the customers and grow the business in this area.

Whats does this mean to my business?

Firstly don’t panic! Dan is still going to be the primary contact for you and has moved with the business to Solutions. The difference is that there is more of skill and knowledge base to hand which can offer you and your business a stronger relationship and more services, than AD Computing has been able to offer in the past. We will be keeping the same phone number and email address, so the only thing likely to change is the how we answer the phone or where an invoice is coming from.

If you would like to know more information then please give us a call or email.

01452 384845 

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